Daltex White Flint Dried Gravel – 2-5mm
Driveway Transformation in Stockton-on-TeesResin Bound Driveway

Daltex White Flint Dried Gravel – 2-5mm

Available: 25kg Poly Bags – 40 25kg Bags Per Pallet (1000kg)
Shape: Angular
PSV: 57
AAV: 23
AIV: 23
ACV: 10
10% Fines: 140kN
Hardness: 6.5

Category: Product ID: 72

Product Description

The Daltex White Flint Dried Gravel 2-5mm stones are perfectly sizes to used and an aggregate in resin bonding. Whether as a border or the a striking white based surface, the white flint dried gravel is sure to catch the attention of anyone. Most commonly used in resin bounded products like driveways, patios and paths, the stones can spruce up the exterior of any home. The angular stones combine white calcined flint, with spontaneous flecks of red and grey, giving it a truly great look. The Daltex White Flint Dried gravel in the 2-5mm stone variation sizes, is one of our most popular aggregates when it comes to wanting a crisp and clean look. They are also commonly used as decorative gravel, which we stock a great range of.  For more information check out The Guide to Gravel Driveways.


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