Daltex Silver Dried Gravel 2-5mm
Driveway Transformation in Stockton-on-Tees

Daltex Silver Dried Gravel 2-5mm

Available: 25kg Poly Bags – 40 25kg Bags Per Pallet (1000kg)
Shape: Angular
PSV: 48
AAV: 5.2
AIV: 31
ACV: 30
10% Fines: 110kN
Hardness: 6

Category: Product ID: 63

Product Description

The Dalte Silver Dried Gravel in the size variations of 2-5mm stones, are perfect for all types of decorative gravel or resin bounded application uses. Suitable to be used for driveways and paths, they can make the perfect addition to the outside of any property, when laid as an aggregate for resin bounded drives and paths. As a gravel or to be mixed with resin bonding, the silver dried gravel is just perfect. With angular style stones, that combine together clean and modern tones and shaded of greys, blues and silvers; they create a sparkling appearance, when caught in the right light.

The Daltex Silver Dried Gravel is also available in the size variations 1-3mm.  For more information check out The Guide to Gravel Driveways.


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