Daltex Golden Pea Dried Gravel 1-3mm

Daltex Golden Pea Dried Gravel 1-3mm

  • Shape: Natural Rounded
  • PSV: 35-40
  • AAV: 4
  • AIV: 18
  • ACV: 12
  • 10% Fines: 265Kn
  • Hardness: 7
Category: Product ID: 35

Product Description

The Golden Pea Dried Gravel is also available in 2-5mm stone variations.

The Daltex Golden Pea Dried Gravel in the 1-3mm stone variation, are perfect for use with any type of resin bonding product or a resin bound gravel. Offering a chestnut brown, hazel and almond effect finish, they can complement the outside of any home. With a smaller finish of 1-3mm sizes stones they are easier under the foot. Available in a range of bag sizes, you’ll be able to measure out the right amount for your home. With a mixture of chestnut browns, hazels, and almond colours, varying in shades, they can easily suit the styles of many homes. The smooth flow of how the different tones mix together, give the Daltex golden peas dried gravel, a truly great visual appearance. This resin gravel product is perfect for use on driveways and paths.  For more information check out The Guide to Gravel Driveways.


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